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What is laseMD?

The skin forms a barrier against any topical treatments, common serums and creams are only partially absorbed, which limits their effect!

Lasemd is an intelligent skin rejuvenation program that maximizes the absorption of revitalizing compounds by penetrating the skin barrier using:

Lasemd Laser

  • Creates micro channels through the skin.
  • Creates small reservoirs under the surface of the skin.

Lasemd NanoSerums

  • Nanoparticles contained the reservoirs for deep absorption in the skin.

Free of Preservatives, Colors, Fragrance and unnecessary Chemicals

Lasemd Cream

  • Traps Moisture and provides hydration.

Free of Preservatives, Colors, Fragrance and unnecessary Chemicals

Lasemd Mask

  • Retains the active ingredients of the serums

Free of Preservatives, Colors, Fragrance and unnecessary Chemicals

The Uniqueness of laseMD

Noticable results with nanotechnology

The size of the serum΄s particles provide a new level in absorption & optimizes the effects.

Deep Serum Absoption

Deep absorption of NanoSerums through reservoirs created by Thulium laser.

Freshly Activated Pure NanoSerums

With the fewest number of ingredients, no preservatives, colors, fragrances, or chemicals added.

A treatment with no downtime

Without pain or any side effects you can resume your daily activities right after the session.

A Program for all skin types

Treatment for all skin types for all seasons thus it will be suitable for you anytime of the year.

30 Minutes treatment session

A 4 steps, 30 minutes session easy to fit in your busy schedule once a week for a perfect young skin goal.

laseMD treatment

Lasemd program consists of 3-5 sessions, you can get one or a mix of five packages.

1 Lasemd Repair

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2 Lasemd Renew

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3 Lasemd Bright

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4 Lasemd Clear

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5 Lasemd Anti Age

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